Savour the gluten-free Falafels

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Craving for the middle-eastern food? Here’s a gluten-free and vegan delicacy all the way from Lebanon!

Falafels are delicious chickpea patties filled with Hummus or Baba Ghanoush. They are usually wrapped in tahini sauce. The ketchup, mustard or sauce can be added for flavours.

You can enjoy the delicacy without much time and effort. Levantine Flavours have come up with frozen falafel balls. They offer high authentic Middle Eastern Falafel dough products. The frozen falafels are of excellent quality. Moreover, they are made from gluten-free ingredients.

The recipe used to prepare the vegan falafels has been handed down through generations. It has amazing yet consistent taste years which have become a favourite of the customers.

Levantine Flavours utilizes fresh and local Canadian ingredients and imports the finest quality spices to prepare the Falafel dough. Everything is done from scratch to ensure its gluten-free and vegan character.

The Falafel frozen balls can be used at home as well as the restaurants to prepare crispy Falafels.

Levantine Flavours offers the delicious experience now in Canada with falafel dough products made from scratch using only the freshest natural Canadian ingredients, the finest imported spices, and their signature recipe. The products can be used at homes and restaurants to prepare crispy and mouth-watering Falafel!

Just deep fry the balls and you’re done. Serve the falafels hot.

Get these frozen falafel balls made from completely gluten-free ingredients from Gluten free cart and savour the Mediterranean delicacy!