Enjoy the twin treats with Gluten-free WTF Waffle + Pancake Mix

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“Dare to be a waffle in a world full of pancakes.” We ask, why not both? What the Flour brings you ‘WTF Waffle + Pancake Mix’ that helps you enjoy both the delicacies. With the gluten-free and dairy-free mix, anyone can enjoy freshly baked waffles and pancakes.

There might be a valid debate about what goes best with a pancake or waffle. But whether you’re in the fruit, syrup, or whippy cream camp, no one can deny that pancakes are meant to be light and fluffy, and waffles, are golden and crunchy.

The packet has a mixture of sorghum flour, millet flour, and tapioca starch in standard proportions. It uses organic cane sugar. Monocalcium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate are used as leavening agents. It also contains xanthan gum and sea salt. It is a soy-free and vegan product.

Mix. Stack. Inhale: How to use WTF Waffle+Pancake Mix?

  • Pancakes – Add ¼ cup of batter to a hot, oiled pan. Flip when bubbles appear and begin to pop. The current world record for the most flips in 60 seconds is 140 flips; we reckon you would break it!
  • Waffles – Add ½ cup of batter to preheated waffle iron and cook on high until golden brown (around 4-6 minutes).

Pro Tip:

Make a double or triple batch simultaneously. When cooled, pop them into a freezer bag for that morning when you know you’re going to sleep in and need something to fling into the toaster. This would save you time and effort and let you enjoy the pancakes and waffles even on hectic mornings.

Each bag makes 40-50 pancakes/waffles, so for a family of four, that’s about five magical mornings filled with flip-worthy bliss.

If you only use a portion of the bag, store it in a cool, dry place until your next flip-off.

You can buy the product at GlutenFreeCart and enjoy home-baked delights!