Dairy-Free Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips: Mini but Mighty

When it comes to chocolate, most people assume that it contains dairy, gluten, and animal products. However, in the wonderful world of WhatTheFlour, we like to keep things gluten-free and vegan. But don’t let that fool you! We still love to indulge in a little chocolatey goodness every now and then. Our mini semi-sweet chocolate chips are small in size, but mighty in flavor!

They are made from plant-based ingredients, and they are perfect for anyone who follows a gluten-free, and vegan lifestyle. These little chocolate nibs are perfect for adding wholesome goodness to our muffin and pancake mixes. But honestly, you can let your chocolate-fuelled imagination run wild and add them to anything your heart desires. They are incredibly versatile. Cookies, brownies, cakes – you name it, our gluten-free chocolate chips will make it better.

The mini size of these chocolate chips is great for baking as it ensures that the chocolate is distributed evenly throughout the recipe. Plus, it’s always fun to bite into a cookie or a muffin and discover little pockets of chocolate chips throughout.

Aside from being delicious, WhatTheFlour‘s mini semi-sweet chocolate chips are also healthier than traditional chocolate chips. They are made from high-quality ingredients that are free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. They are also lower in sugar than the traditional ones, making them a great option for anyone who is watching their sugar intake.

We advise you to store these little treasures in a cool, dry place. Or, if you cannot resist them the corner of the bag makes for a great funnel to pour them straight into your mouth.

So go ahead and satisfy your sweet tooth with our dairy-free and gluten-free,  mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. They’ll make any recipe a little bit sweeter and a whole lot more delicious!